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Where We Can Service 

At Velvet & Vine, our primary aim is to extend our services to a wide range of locations. We currently operate within the Los Angeles County area, and we're also available to travel from Santa Barbara County to San Diego County, subject to a mileage fee. From residential properties to beachside weddings, from production spaces to pop-up events, you can count on us to meet your needs! 

Regarding permits: for private properties, there are no permit requirements. However, when operating on public property, we diligently adhere to the regulations of each city where we operate. Some cities necessitate permits for activities in public areas. Don't fret! We handle this process on your behalf, and we charge a modest deposit to cover permit application costs. We'll also keep you informed throughout the permitting process.

Please note that due to the industrial nature of our vehicle (15,000 pounds), we require roadways that can safely accommodate its size. Unfortunately, we cannot access areas with extremely narrow roads, sharp bends, or unpaved surfaces. If you're unsure whether our vehicle can access your location in the Hollywood Hills, please consult this map for reference.

In terms of parking, we require a flat surface measuring approximately 24' x 12' x 14' to park the truck. We do have the capability to level the truck within reasonable limits to ensure stability.

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