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At Velvet & Vine, our mission is to revolutionize the way beauty services are delivered by providing convenient and inclusive salon experiences through our unique mobile hair salon truck concept. This first-of-its-kind salon will provide mobility without compromising luxury. This endeavor will address the challenges faced by traditional brick-and-mortar salons, offering accessible luxury to diverse communities. Our mobile salon truck will be equipped with innovative glass walls, creating a unique aesthetic and allowing easy media coverage. We will focus on inclusive salon packages tailored to each client's preferences.





My Name is Rebecca Vandervort and I am the founder of Velvet and Vine. My journey began with a deep-rooted passion for the arts and a lifelong fascination with the beauty industry. From a young age, I displayed a creative hand, an active mind, and a vivid imagination. These qualities led me to pursue an extensive and rewarding educational journey. I have worked heavily in the beauty industry, event industry, as well as the production industry with renowned companies like Universal Studios, Disney, and Activision. I efficiently lead teams as a department head and maintain a network of over 100 talented artists for potential jobs. As an entrepreneur, I seek to create an innovative business that reflects my values and creativity. I embarked on the journey of starting a mobile hair salon business because I recognized a significant gap in the market. Traditional brick-and-mortar salons often posed challenges of accessibility while mobile services lack the charm of the salon aesthetic . With the world becoming increasingly mobile, My decision to start this business is driven by the desire to provide clients with a personalized, high-quality salon experience while also offering opportunities for artists and stylists in the beauty industry to thrive in a supportive and flexible environment.

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